Monday, January 23, 2006

Interface for Banner Engineering M-Gage Magnetometer

RS485 Digital Sensor Interface
for the
Banner Engineering MGAGE Magnetometers

EVA Signal Corporation has developed an RS-485 M-Gage Digital Data Interface for the Banner Engineering M-Gage magnetometer. Combined with EVA Signal Corporations data collection system, this interface acquires x, y and z digital coordinate data from the Banner Engineering M-Gage magnetometer at a rate of 4 ms per sensor. Incorporating this interface into our data collection system has opened the door to a whole new arena of magnetometer usage. To push the M-Gage magnetometer beyond the bounds of Banners limited data interface, the typical dedicated programmed sensor output which reports an on or off detection, the digital data had to be acquired from the sensor at a reasonable data rate. The data collection system consists of an embedded data collection computer that interfaces to our M-Gage Digital Data Interface that utilizes our proprietary data acquisition technique. The data time stamped and then streamed via RS232 @ 115,200 baud to a properly equipped processing computer.

EVA Signal Corporation has the exclusive patent for Off-Track Train Detection.
EVA Signal Corp. used its patented technology to meet the requirements of the Alameda Corridor - East (IR/RIS) Project. As a result of this design EVA Signal Corporation developed an interface that acquires x, y and z digital coordinate data from the Banner Engineering M-Gage Magnetometer Sensor. EVA Signal Corp. used these magnetometers, buried five feet under ground below each track, to detect the passing of trains overhead. The acquired data was collected and processed to extract the entrance and exit times, entrance direction, entrance velocity and stop/start actions of those trains as they passed through a metropolitan area.